Top post… :/

I have noticed that the one post that get more hits then all others together is the one about how boys slack and wear their pants half way down the but… Bet the ones ending up here through their search wasn’t really looking for this place. But it’s fun, in a way.

The downside is it attracts a few spam comments 🙁 Luckily akismet (wordpress plugin) helps me keep those away from public view.

I really should update more often, I just don’t seem to get around to writing, though I sometimes get a brilliant idea for a post when driving, either to work or from work, but when I get to the computer at home it just doesn’t seem as good anymore. I could of course use it as a public diary where I write about what I’ve done through the day, but how fun would that be to read? I basically only do work, eat and sleep… At least that’s how it feels sometimes, though I suppose it’s not all I do. I do get a few days off from work once in a while and when I do, I manage to fill my days with something else 🙂 I admit, when I’m off I sometimes are really lazy and do pretty much nothing (at least nothing useful)

And if I read a good book or watch a nice movie, that I’d like to share with you, I already got another blog for that: Seen, heard and read 🙂

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