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April fools day

I guess this day is universal, at least from what I gathered.

Over here most of the newspapers try and trick us with false news (usually one per paper), this applies to both the online editions and the paper editions. It’s rather fun to try and figure out which news item is actually the trick one. 🙂

The trick news is always a funny or weird one, they would never ever try and trick about something really serious luckily.

I spotted the first one just a few minutes ago at IDG (an online tech news site, in Swedish). It didn’t fool me, as it seemed a bit off, although not ridiculously off, but I guess it will fool some 🙂 According to comments at least a couple sound as they fell for it.

The news? They tried convincing us that monitor fabricators secretly made the new LCD screens into touch screens, just that the feature was disabled from factory. They even provided a link that supposedly should help activate it (an browser app in Beta they had stumbled upon was gonna do that trick).

Don’t trust the technology alone

You got to use your own senses as well, the visual senses especially when driving. Read a funny newsarticle in one of our evening papers, I just have to share it with you 🙂

A polish man had been driving using his GPS, unfortunately his map was outdated, so he drove into a lake… There had been a road but about a year ago the valley the road passed through was flooded, by the local water company, to build a water reservoir.

I just have to wonder, how the hell do you miss a big lake? Also there were signs saying the road was closed, apparently he missed or ignored those as well.

PS. All in the car got away OK from the mishap.

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