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Comodo dragon, now browsing the web

Comodo, more commonly know for providing Internet security with antivirus and firewall software has now launched a web browser, the Comodo Dragon.

This has to be tested 🙂 Not that I really need to install yet another browser, I already have five, which all has its quirks, annoyances and good sides.

I’ll take it for a test spin and get back to you in about a week with more information about how it feels.


I’ve been testing the Dragon for a bit now 🙂

If you have been using Google Chrome, you will feel right at home. I’d even go as far as to say that Chrome does look a little better, or at least the user interface does feel better. There’s not much that differs though, it’s all in the details. Although the buttons for home, reload, back and forward does look better in Dragon.

Part from a slightly changed user interface I didn’t really notice any big differences, Dragon is a bit picker when it comes to certificates (https requests) though. Dragon does throw up a couple warnings on sites that chrome doesn’t (it does throw a warning for Facebook for instance), with a bit information as to why a site could be considered a bit risky, nothing site specific though.

Google Chrome – Another webbrowser (updated)

Yes, it has arrived, and can be downloaded as a Beta. I am writing this post using it. It looks neat, no innovative design, but over all easy to navigate. It imported bookmarks and saved passwords from FireFox without any problems. (Don’t have anything in my IE so dunno how/if that works smoothly as well)

What strikes me at first is that there’s very little settings to be done, guess that will change when it is completed and out of Beta state. I did expect it to be a bit more though. Will use it for a few days and see how I like it as everyday browser. 🙂

The download can be found here: www.google.com/chrome

UPDATE: I have now used it for a day, and I’m not sure it will be my default browser in it’s current state.

  1. Can’t refresh page by rightclick anywhere, it only has that on the tab.
  2. Can’t view source of a peticlular part of site, something I use very often in FireFox.