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Free hosting service

I use a free host (x10 hosting) and yes, there’s downtime occasionally. During some periods more then others, but over all very little compared to other free hosts I have tried. Consider the fact that the staff actually maintain the service on their free time, they don’t get paid, other then by getting a free hosting account. They might be getting the paid plan for free though.

I would recommend x10 hosting any day if you need a free host with mysql and php, you get a lot for free, and can get even more for a very low cost (they currently have an offer where you can double the deal for a low one time fee). They don’t even require ads, unless you chose an ad enhanced option to get more resources 🙂

Anyway, my sites might be in for a rocky ride for a few more days, as there were problems during an upgrade/recompile of php as well as the cpanel. I don’t mind as I’m confident the service will be better when they get it working as they want.

I just wanted to let you all know 🙂

Btw, how come some people seem to want a free service to be as good as or better then a paid one? Some complain over the smallest problems.

They act as if it was the end of the world for them if their site goes down. Even when it’s less then an hour.

I can understand complaints if there’s long downtime and no information as to why, but when the information is there and the staff tries to solve it as fast as they can, there’s absolutely no reason to complain about a free service. In my opinion, ff you rely on a web page to be online all the time, you shouldn’t rely on a free host, you should get a paid host.