This is my third, and the most personal, blog of mine. I intend to keep this blog anonymous to a certain level (meaning not leaving out specific names). The reason for this is to give me a little bigger freedom of what I write, also it protects the ones around me from unwanted exposure, as surely at some point someone would get referenced in some way 🙂 Should you in some way feel that I am aiming for you, don’t hesitate to let me know, by using the contact form here or telling me in person.

My close friends will probably figure out who I’m referencing to if they find their way here, and that is OK, often they’d already know about most of the things I write here 😀

Since Swedish is my native tongue some of you might wonder: Why write a blog in English then? Fairly simple answer: It allows the friends I met over Internet to see what’s going on in my end, as not all of them understand Swedish. Also it is a way to learn and become better at writing in English.

This blog will contain my view on different matters and life in general. Might be my thoughts about something I read or heard about in the news. It could also just be something I’ve been thinking about or something that happened to me during a day that I want to share with you.

My intentions are in no way to make a certain number of posts within a certain time, updates will come as I find a reason to write. That said I do know a good blog should be updated at least daily to prosper, but since the purpose of the blog is to give ME a place to write that is not of a big concern to me.

I Hope that at least someone will find their way here and find it interesting and/or entertaining enough to come back again.

If you want to get in touch with me you can do so here