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Young men (boys) showing their underpants

Why do they want to show them off?

I’ve seen a number of young men, or maybe they should be called boys, that are somewhere in late teens or early twenties that insists of wearing their pants somewhere half way down their butts. Showing a great deal of their underpants.

Not only when they head for pub, or are on their free time, no I do see it at work as well. Today a co-worker had a pair of canary yellow underpants, with motive of some kind, under his trousers. Looked rather funny I’d say 😀

If it is someone you see often, guess you could figure how often they do change their underwear 🙂

In any case mostly it just looks horrific and sloppy. Even worse is I have read that they actually do the same when they go swimming, keep underwear under the shorts, for shows. One can only hope the underwear is clean, at least when they are at the local bath house doing it. Although I think it is forbidden to have the underwear under bath shorts there, due to hygiene.

It is definitely a strange fashion. And honestly I guess it’s not only a male thing, though it is much more common to see a man showing the underwear, at least when done intentionally 🙂