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A month has passed…

Time seem to fly. We’re one month into 2011 already.

Snow has started melting. Lately we’ve had some good days that speaks of a spring to come. Sunshine, water dripping from the roof, even the birds seem to be singing a different tune now.

Bf had a panic moment today, he read the date (year) wrong and thought he’d turn 40 this year 🙂 He usually does need to be reminded when is his birthday as well…

I have been a good girl, so far all I have gone of to the pool house for a weekly swim all but one week. Each time doing about 45-50 minutes of back and forth in a good speed. Last time was today, swam for about 50 minutes. Felt good. Just about enough to get the pulse going as well.

I forgot to get on the scales and check my starting weight for the year though, so won’t be able to tell if I manage the initial goal. Guess I’ll check now though, and leave that as reference, doubt there’s a huge difference anyways.

Holiday season coming to an end

Yeah, celebrations is over, we’re back into the “gray” everyday routine. Holiday season definitely coming towards an end.

Here in Sweden there’s still one thing left; the “13th day eve” (trettondagsafton; January 5th), which would be the evening before the 13th day after Christmas. We love doing our celebrations on the eves (we do the main celebration on Christmas eve; 24th, while I know many have the main day on Christmas day; 25th).

13th day eve is not that big a celebration day though, at least it never been for me and the family around me, but it is common for family to come together for dinner and spending time in each others company.

As I mentioned previously, I didn’t give any New Years resolutions this year either. I do have plans to make a best effort to achieving a few things though.

One of them being getting me a job. I don’t expect it to be easy, but I’ll try and hunt more efficiently then I have done the past couple months at least. I have for now put the idea of my own company at rest, I’m just not there yet mentally. I fear that I don’t have that discipline.

Another thing, which might be the harder one, is trying to get into shape, or at least better shape then I am now. Not setting the goal high, I’m trying to be realistic. I just want to loose some of the weight I’ve put on over the years. It was quiet some time since I was at “ideal” weight (we’re talking 15 years or so), but for many years the weight at least stood still, but lately I’ve seen it going up a few kilos. I know what to blame I guess.

New Years, that was some dinner that. We had fillet of ostrich, cooked slowly at 120 degrees Celsius until its inner temperature was at 65 degrees Celsius. You hardly don’t need to flavor it at all, but I “painted” it with a mix of white wine, soy, garlic, salt and pepper a few times during cooking. More tender meat you’ll have to look hard for.

A friend also brought her “deadly” chocolate cake. I dare not ask for the recipe… I know it has a good amount butter and sugar, and that it is very hard to resist… She did say she wasn’t gonna make any more of it this year, so that gives me a better chance at succeeding. I’m not really a sucker for candy, or pastries, but I just can’t resist a good chocolate cake. :/

Oh, and I’ve decided to run through an online book about php, I’m sure I’ll have good use of learning that a bit more 🙂