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Xmarks goes to the grave :(

Xmarks has announced the end of the line, you can read about that here.

This is sad news, I have had good use of the service, and would easily have paid a small fee to keep it up, as long as the fee would be reasonable.

I have not really used it much for syncing bookmarks, my use have mainly been to easily access my bookmarks when I’m not at my personal computer, but I have used it to sync between different browsers installed on my own computer.

I wrote about Xmarks previously here. Seems like I have used it far longer then that post indicates though


There’s hope, there may be an option to keep Xmarks, you can read their latest blogpost here.

They have set up a pledge at http://www.pledgebank.com/XmarksPremium, if you value the service Xmarks provide, go there and sign, I did already 🙂

Xmarks – Backing up your internet bookmarks.

Have you ever re-installed your computer or got yourself a new one, realizing you have to go find and add all your favorite sites again in your browser? No more. Xmarks will help you avoid that in the future.

All you need to do is download and install the plugin/add on for your browser(s). As it is now xmarks is available for FireFox, Internet Explorer and chrome if you are using windows. There is a version that works with safari as well, but that is only available for mac OS X.

Xmarks keep backups for you

If you accidentally removed a bookmark don’t worry, xmarks have backups for you. You can restore the full set of bookmarks from an earlier point. It can however not restore just one single bookmark from an older set of bookmarks. But on the other hand you can view a list of bookmarks from previous restore points  in the browser, so you can just open the bookmarked page and then add it again, thus restoring that single bookmark.

If  you however did notice your mistake right away, it would be safe to restore the full set, as the only change between current and previous set would be that one bookmark you just deleted by mistake.

Xmarks can also be used for sharing your bookmarks between computers, and between different browsers. For instance if you have one work computer and one private computer and you want to be able to access the same bookmarks from both. If you have different bookmarks in the browsers, Xmarks can merge your bookmarks together for you, and remove the duplicates if there are any.

Working at computers shared with others?

Sometimes adding personal bookmarks is just not a good idea, especially if you share the same computer with others, or temporary use someone else’s computer. It can however still be very handy to access your own bookmarks, you might have bookmarked a page you often use, instead of having to click through various menus to get there.

Xmarks offers an option to log in to your account and access your bookmarks from the web on any computer, anywhere. This is something that I fairly often use when I need to access a page I just can’t remember the address for when I’m not at my computer. Remembering the address of xmarks (http://www.xmarks.com) is easy, and should I not do that, it is likely to be far more easy to find then a single page hidden deeply into a site 🙂

Xmarks can do more… It can sync your passwords. you can use it to share a folder of bookmarks as a publicly viewable page, or as an rss feed as well.