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New expressions…

Many of the expressions seem to come from younger people, at least it’s always the younger ones that say them when I hear about them. Since my language is Swedish, I guess not many would make sense to others if I give an example but I’ll do that anyways.

When I started university several years ago, as being around 5 years older then most of my classmates I got to hear them talk about going to “Donken” for food, and the first time I heard that I wondered if I had missed a new restaurant… I actually went to university in my home town and thought I knew about the restaurant options, I had lived for a few years prior to starting university. Turned out it wasn’t a new restaurant, just short for McDonald’s. 😮

A little while ago, a week or so, I got to hear a new one again, this time from a co-worker around 10 years younger  then me. It was an expression to describe someone with money, and that shows they have money by having fancy car, boat or whatever. They called it “Stekare” (translated it could mean something like “a person who fries something”, so to me that made little sense), but luckily I didn’t need to ask for explanation, it came clear during the conversation 🙂

I just checked wikipedia for the word, and apparently it came along in early 21st century, and I hear it for the first time now… The typical “stekare” is young male and want to make it look like he is economically independent, weather he is or not according to wikipedia.

Who makes them up, and why does it always seem I’m the last to hear and figure them out?

Am I just too old? Or do I hang with the wrong kind of people? Or is it simple that I don’t live in a city that makes me miss this things when they come?