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And then the winter came

Yes, it’s officially winter here. Today I woke up to a somewhat white world with more snow coming down. I suspect it won’t stay though as the first snow usually don’t.

When I checked back from my posts about a year ago I realized that snow came about this time last year a well, even a little earlier. I’m not fully prepared for snow, my car hasn’t been equipped with snow tyres yet :/ So I’ll have to drive with extra caution if I need to go somewhere.

Rain, rain and more rain

Just a week ago I complained that we needed some rain, everything were getting dry in the garden. Now I’ve had enough rain.

Guess I should learn to be happy with what weather we have 🙁

Though I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels it is enough now. News reports about flooded streets, water filled houses, water taking land masses with them creating chaos.

In the midst of everything, there’s a football cup going on this week in the neighboring town, Dalecarlia Cup. It’s an international cup, for players between 10 and 16 years old. They got a very wet cup this year 🙁