Blue Steel

Blue Steel
Blue Steel

I finally got around to sorting the last few bits and making it available to the public.

The theme has four dynamic areas and three columns. It supports nested comments as well as pop-up comments.

The theme is used on my Wine and Dine blog if you wanna check it out more in details you can do so there. Only difference is that my blog uses an image header instead of plain text.

Theme is developed using WordPress 2.8

The theme is now approved by and is officially available through them as well.

Direct link for it:

Download Lavender Dream

17 thoughts on “Blue Steel”

  1. Hi Anna,

    Thanks for the response. I was able to get the header up but unfortunately it made the navigation buttons lower into the blog entries. They cover up the title but you can see it behind them. Also, can you tell me where in the code I can alter the size of header? I was looking and couldn’t find it. I didn’t realize that mine is much smaller than the current one and I need to make it match.

  2. Hello,

    I have the theme in use on one of my blogs, and use an image with 104px height instead of the text. I also did a small edit in the styles.css, I edited the class .bloginfomargin:0 since my image is in the correct size for the layout

    If you’d like to use your image in the size it is currently it should be enough to alter the margin:20px 0 0 0; part to properly place the image in the position you want (the top and bottom margin values together with your image height needs to add up to 104px). The order for margin is: top right bottom left , so basically the first and third numbers would be of interest.

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