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Learning PHP

I started messing a bit more with php, managed to complete a script 🙂

I have looked at php briefly before, mainly by making/changing small code snippets into a module for the forum soft that I use. This is actually the first script I made that is a standalone one, and it works as intended, though I might add more functionality to it eventually, like user being able to chose sorting order.

I guess you wonder what I cooked up 🙂 It’s a small script to handle a links page, for a friend of mine, easy adding and deleting as well as sorting of the links, currently only alphabetical by it’s name, as well as into different categories.

Right now it is only made in Swedish, but I might change all strings to English and release it, once I feel it is ready for that. However if you should need a small, simple script to manage your links you could always send me a note 🙂 The script, in action for end user, can be seen here: http://www.ranchensjamesdean.com/links/

The site is not completed yet, a few pages are missing still. The site is all about their rottweilers, they are taking one of them, James Dean, to dog shows, he has a genealogical table. The female, Tanja, is “just” their pet dog 🙂

Might be doing other scripts as well, might even share them with you all 🙂