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Been a good week for themes

This week I have been doing tons of coding, mainly for the forum and the main site for my other domain. But the WordPress themes are progressing as well. I kind of hope to have the new site fully live before I release the updates and the new one.

All parts are live and working fairly well for the new domain, but there’s some tweaks left, with the forum especially.

Might release the WP themes before the forum is completed though, just got to check through for errors and make a few minor changes to how things are displayed, especially the “simple gallery” that’s built into WordPress.

Where does the time go?

I feel I don’t really have much time for myself these days, there’s always something that needs to be done when I get home, and by the time that is done it’s close to bedtime :/

I try to find time to deal with my “projects” but find my self starring blankly at the screen more often then I actually do some about them, mind just isn’t tuned into that lately. Did manage to work some on my themes the past Sunday, when I had the luxury of having the house all to my self and had virtually no “must dos” to take care of.

I had hopes to get a new WordPress theme out, but never got to finishing up that. Well in all it is done, just that when I developed it WordPress was still on version 2.8, with the release of 3.0 some things changed significantly so I’m currently porting it up. The theme I plan on releasing in a near future is the one used on Seen, Heard and Read.

I’m not sure if it will be officially released on this blog, or my new site that I’m working on. Surely it will arrive at if it gets approved.

Once I’m done with porting the theme, and my new site, I’ll start working on a new theme for this blog, it is long overdue 🙂