New chapter of life

My apartment is starting to look like a home and not a storage area now. Most things are properly unpacked, only a few boxes left to unpack. Except for a sofa, I got all furniture in place, some things I’d like to switch out in due time though, like my dining table. A round table isn’t the best fit for my kitchen, but it does work and serve its purpose so won’t be the first thing to go buy new.

Gonna try doing a small experiment as well, and simply don’t get me a microwave oven. Didn’t use it all that often for anything but heating or defrosting things over at ex’s. For the former it often works well to heat the left overs on stove or in the oven. For the later, it’s all about planning, if you wanna have a steak dinner, make sure the steak gets taken out of freezer the evening before or at the latest in the morning before heading for work. This should be possible to get a habit out of.

We’ll see how well that goes in a few weeks 🙂 But hey, my mother, and grandmother, managed very well without a microwave when I was a kid, so why shouldn’t it be possible now?

Got new wallpapers put up in the entire apartment, so now I’m really hesitant on where to put things on the walls… Don’t wanna drill a hole in the wrong spot 🙂 No hurry with that part though, nothing that must go up right away.

So far it feels really nice to be living all alone, with only my cat as company. Speaking of the cat, she’s turned out be a coward..

The other day she seemed to say she wanted to go outside, I figured oh well, she can do my company when taking the trash out. She changed her mind when I opened the port. Turned around and wanted back inside the apartment. Why? There was another cat laying on the grass outside… Yesterday, she changed her mind even before I opened the port and rushed back in. Guess she’ll be an indoor cat for a while, until spring or so, as she doesn’t really like when there’s snow and cold outside, and winter is on our doorstep.