Cats and their sleeping places

Found one of our cats sleeping in the plate rack the other day 🙂

Not a place I want them to be, they aren’t supposed to be up there at all, but they are sometimes apparently.

Other popular places includes the washbasins… She even ignores when you turn on the water tap, at least for a while. If you let it run too long she’ll eventually get up and walk away, while glaring at you, upset that she had to wake up.

Shakira sleeping in the plate rack
Shakira sleeping in the plate rack

2 thoughts on “Cats and their sleeping places”

  1. lol Anna thats really funny. Our Dog sleeps a lot on the back of the chair like a cat and on the windowsill aswell. 🙂

  2. loving your cat anna i have a vcat myself and she is called garfield (yes, she is ginger and seems to like cheese=) ) :whistle:

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