Good old days…

That makes it sound as I’m very old, and I’m not really 😀

The things is I popped an old CD in the car stereo, with a bunch songs that were hot on the dance floor some years ago 🙂 That is mid 90’s to late 90’s.

Sat in my car listening to the songs, realized it was good  days back then. We had a lot fun. Not that I really would like to change from the life I live today, but it would surely be fun to get together again, if only for a night 🙂 I’ve thought about that before, invite them all for a party, but maybe memories are best left alone. (truth is I’m not sure I want to reunite with all of them, and I’m not sure they’d wanna reunite with each others either)

Almost every weekend there was a party at someones place, most of the time we ended up down town at a place called Dublin’s, at least in the beginning. As the years went by the place to be changed, the group of friends stayed more or less constant, but that to did shift a bit over the years, adding some new people to the group.

Now that I think about it there were almost as if there were two groups for a while, where me and the boyfriend I had back then were the connection between them.

The “Dublin’s years” came first, right about when I got old enough to get into the pubs, that was when I was around 18-19 yrs old (that is a long time ago).

For a while there were more “staying at someones place having fun until we almost fall asleep” parties going on. Of course we hit the town then as well, but I can’t remember a specific place we always went to after Dublin’s. I know it at one point was a place named Asterix, when they first opened and it even survived one name- and ownership change, I just can’t remember what it was named after Asterix 🙂 It was that place at first and later one called Liljan that was the place you knew you’d run into them.

I think the group mostly changed around the time when Dublin’s stopped being the place to be. Dunno why really, but fact is some from the original group of friends got lost along the way and new ones came along, at least in the party group.

Sadly I have little or no contact with most of them today, for various reasons, one of them being we grew older and formed new constellations in life I guess… I know a couple of them eventually got hooked up with each others and now have two children, at least that’s the latest I heard about them. I still have sporadic contact with a few over msn 😀

It’s only my ex I got a close contact with today, oddly enough.