Good manners

In one of our newspapers there’s a column where you can ask about good manners, what is ok and what is not. I enjoy reading this a lot, for two reasons. First of it is interesting and I’ve learned a few things from it, in most cases it is merely a matter of common sense. The second reason is simply curiosity, what do others want to know. Some questions seem very silly and others has a good point to them.

The person (Magdalena) answering the question, is in the older generation, and has been through her fair bit of experiences. She’s a well known authority on the subject, as well as a journalist. Reading her answers is always fun, she serves a lot of them with a bit irony, especially if the question is on the sillier side 🙂

Today there was a question on if it was ok for a woman to answer the door wearing a dressing gown, or if that would create an (unnecessary) embarrassing moment.

The answer to that is of course, depends on situation. Magdalena says that if it is guests you’re expecting, like for dinner, it is not ok, you should in this case wear proper clothing. If it’s the mailman in the morning, he’s probably rather used to it, as well as other variations. If it is your lover, well I suppose it would be a great outfit for the occasion 🙂 The neighbor coming to borrow some sugar probably don’t care, or at least it is not a matter of interest as the visit wasn’t announced and you are at your full right to wear what you want in your house.

3 thoughts on “Good manners”

  1. Hello!

    What about wearing some pajamas with holes in them and carrying a stuffed Chick. Yes, I do these things, although only when people ring the door at ungodly hours like 9 am, who is up that early?


  2. Suppose the same thing applies, unexpected (early) visitors might get a slight surprise, but they can’t do much about it 😀 (I’d leave the stuffed Chick somewhere when getting the door though)

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