(Re)discovering my music

Sat in the car today, heading for work and listening to a mp3 CD I have there. I skipped a few songs that I wasn’t really up for. And to my big surprise a song I didn’t recognize was on there as well 😮

I’m absolutely certain it is music I at some point did chose to get as I burned it from music I have on my computer. Granted it could come from an album with various artists, I don’t really recognize all of the artists/songs on those. When it comes to full albums by one artist/group only, I think I recognize all I have 🙂 Might be wrong.

What it was? No idea yet, suspecting it is Sylver that sings though, as I am to lazy to go out to the car and grab the CD to check. I’m simply checking through the library on my computer for possible songs and listen to them. Eventually I’ll find it.

However it was nice rythm to it, dancable. The text was perhaps not great, it was a bit repetitive and rather boring.

Updated: I found it out 🙂 As I suspected it was a Sylver song, not the artist I listen to most, but I got a couple albums. It was the song Never ever from the album Little things.

2 thoughts on “(Re)discovering my music”

  1. I do the same thing, especially when finding an old CD from years ago. Have lots of those, but it is always nostalgic and fun. 🙂

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