Sorted gravatars support

Gravatars were supposed to be supported in this version of WordPress, and they did, as long as you actually have an account with an avatar over at the Gravatar site with a picture added to the correct email address. So far so good, but everyone without an account was supposed to get a generated, unique avatar based on their email address, and that part failed to work. After tying a few suggestions at WordPress support forum with no luck, the idea that it could be a theme related issue struck me.

Guess what, they did work in another theme, I was one step closer to solving the problem, knowing where to look. I almost switched to that theme, as it is rather nice and looks cool, but it failed to show anything but first post on front page, and I want to display more posts then that. I suppose it would have been a fairly easy task to sort, comparing code and changing a few things probably would have done the trick. But for some reason I kind of like this theme, it is rather simple, and suits my needs 🙂

Anyways, I “stole” the gravatar code from that theme and now they work, with a little help from a plugin, as it failed to match me to the gravatar account when logged in, on the same email as I could be matched when posting a comment as a guest. Found a plugin to get around that though, so now I can get whatever avatar I want when posting 😀