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Trying to create my own wordpress theme

As the title says, I’m gonna try to create my own theme for WordPress 🙂 And I almost broke it the first thing… Oh well hopefully I won’t break it anymore then.

I’m not messing with a live blog, I’m experimenting locally, on a test installation of the latest version: 2.7 RC1.

If the theme comes out decent, I might share it with anyone interested.

I do this mainly for two reasons:

  1. I want a new look on this blog but just couldn’t find a theme I like better then the one I have now. There’s a lot very nice themes out there, all just seemed to have something to them that didn’t really appeal to me when I was looking around the other day. Often it was just a very small part of the theme. I could of course have used one of them and just tweaked it, but chose not to.
  2. I figured it would be nice to learn how WordPress is built up. And for sure one way of doing it is messing with it in some way. Themes seem to be a good and rather safe place to start. 🙂

The only problem with this is that I kind of suck at creating graphics… But I guess I’ll learn that as well, if that is possible 😀