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Getting senile already…

On the way home from work I stopped by at the grocery store to get a few items, so far so good.

I got home and parked my car, grabbed the bag I have for work, and got inside the house. When I had gotten as far as to have taken the shoes off I realised I forgot the groceries in the car.

No big deal, I said to myself: “I’ll just hop in a pair of shoes and go get them”, and figures that while I’m at it I’ll take the trash out as well.

I went and threw the trash into the bin and then I got back inside and took my shoes of again, and realised that once again I forgot the groceries.

I finally did get them in on the next attempt, I had no other errand outside then to actually fetch them.

I’m still alive

I figured that I at least should post and say that I’m still alive as it was a long time since I last posted.

I have been sick though, but that was two weeks ago, was down with a high fever and didn’t get out of bed, other then to lay on the sofa instead, for a few days.

Been out of ideas of what to write lately… At least ideas worth writing about 🙂

However I’m trying to make another WordPress skin, I’m playing with red colors this time 🙂

The skin is intended for my Wine and Dine blog, and so far I have not even gotten the base colors right :/ So I guess it is gonna take me a while to finish it this time.