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Life’s small quirks

We set out to visit my boyfriends sister with the intent of getting a cup off coffee.

We’re still here, dinner with wine and a few drinks later 😀 Along the way there was a game of 9-ball billiard (pool) and some dart 🙂
We did leave home abou seven hours ago 🙂

And we’ll be here until tomorrow, can’t drive while drinking

My weekend

We had a good deal of snow during the end of last week, and it is still here 🙁 Even had to shovel the snow this time. Or rather my boyfriend did, I got away this time 🙂 I’m pretty sure I’ll get my share of that before spring comes again though. 😀

The first round of snow never stays they usually say, but this time, I’m not sure… Well technically it’s not the first snow, it’s the second time it’s snowed this winter, the first was barely countable as snowing though. I did get the winter tyres on at my car as well, my dear boyfriend saw to that on Friday evening.

Halloween passed with no “trick or treaters”, though we stacked up a bit on candy as we did expect at least the kids from next door to stop by… They didn’t. Their father who had drove them to a couple friends of the family that live a bit further away kind of forgot to stop by here with them, to close to home perhaps.

We did go up to the cemetery and light candles on mom and dads grave on Saturday, on “All hallows eve”. Up until a few years (maybe a bit more then a few though) we didn’t really have Halloween the same way as in US for instance, there was no trick or treat then, only a tribute to the loved ones that had passed away. Traditionally by tending to the grave, especially by lighting candles for their souls. It’s actually rather moving and peaceful to walk through the cometary after dark this day, with the candles on all graves.

We didn’t go there after dark this year though. I had a few friends and family coming over for some cake in the afternoon.

I had my birthday during weekend, on Sunday, but since I worked then the cake was eaten on Saturday. The years does pass by, rather unnoticed. I could easily skip the cake and all as well, but when I tried last year, my boyfriend said that was not an option. “On your birthday you should always have some cake at least”, he said 🙂