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Been a busy bee

I’ve gotten a lot done this past weekend, or rather me and my boyfriend have.

Yesterday we did a lot gardening stuff, I planted some seeds that are supposed to come up to be nice flowers 🙂 I love growing stuff for my garden, the sad truth is I usually end up buying plants anyways, because my seeds never really grow up to be good strong plants… But I keep trying every year. Dill, parsley and such things are more likely to actually grow then flowers are under my care. Probably because they demand less care…

I know exactly where I usually fail, its when I should be re-planting them into bigger pots. At the same time they should be placed somewhere not too warm, as they only grow tall otherwise. However knowing that doesn’t help much it seem. I sort of never get around to doing it until it is a bit too late.

Today we started by going down to the marina where we park our boat during summer. It was a day where members got together to prepare the marina for the season to come. Well considering the number of boats that are parked there, I’d say only a small fraction of the members were active there today. At least we did our share 🙂

I more or less grew up at that marina since my parents had a boat there when I was young, they probably still would if they had been alive today.While I don’t really remember or recognize anyone of the members there now, a few remembered my parents still.

When we got home we started preparing for some repairs/painting around the house. Our terrace needs a small overhaul, mainly the railing though. So tomorrow there will be painting on the schedule. Hopefully the weather is gonna be on our side for that task.