Skinny dipping – Natural or not?

Here in Sweden there’s a number of bathing places that allows for skinny dipping, and nothing wrong with that, it’s voluntary to be at them. I don’t visit those places, and probably never will, but I think it is good that there is options for those who want to.

Although I enjoy skinny dipping occasionally I don’t do it in public. I go to private secluded lakes where there’s hardly ever anyone else but me and the company I chose, and I always bring the bathing suit as a precaution in case others have found their way there.

What surprised me today was that in a news article in relation to a new such place “opening” officially. Some of the people that have their summer, or permanent, homes in proximity to that place claimed it was not natural to go skinny dipping.

I can understand that they do not wish for such bathing place right outside their house, but generally the bathing places are located a bit outside of the communities and harm no one. But to call it unnatural seem a bit out of place, to me that sounds pretty natural, we are after all born naked.

Admittedly it is not the normal thing by the standards in the society today.

What do YOU think?
Is skinny dipping natural or not?

3 thoughts on “Skinny dipping – Natural or not?”

  1. Yes it is natural. Like you said Anna we are all born with no clothes on and it doesnt harm anyone. I however choose not to go skinny dipping but thats my own personnal choice.

  2. Yes, we all get to chose how we wanna do it. So for those that wanna do it, I think it is great that such bathing places exists. So they can go skinny dipping without exposing them selves to those not wanting to see…

  3. My opinion is that it is 100 percent natural to those who want to do it. And for those who doesn’t want to go skinny dipping or doesn’t want to see others doing that, I guess they will always find an excuse to criticize the act. But as history proves, criticism never makes anything stop, it just makes things better than the way they already are.

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