Commercial radio – Do they lack of music?

Once again I was struck by the fact that in the 8 hrs I spend at work they play a few songs over and over again. And then I don’t even spend the full 8 hrs in the same area as the radio is.

There’s a few songs that does come back more often the others, but do they really need to play the same music even twice?

In my car going home I gave it a thought, and with as little as 120 songs they could play 8 hrs straight without needing to play anyone twice. 120 songs, that ain’t all that much, I got well over that myself so why can’t they manage to play different songs?

The number 120 was calculated using 4 minutes as an average for a song. 8 hours equals 480 minutes. 480 minutes divided by 4 minutes is 120 songs.

In reality they’d need even less songs, as there’s a few commercials during a one hour period, as well as a newsflash. And of course the radio hosts would use up a few minutes announcing the next song and talking as well. I’d guess that to be able to make 8 hours of radio with all unique songs you’d need somewhere between 80 and 100 songs, depending on length and how much time talking and commercials take up. So why is it that a few songs seem to come up at least once every other hour? Sometimes it seems as there was only a few songs since I last heard it…

Of course if they take requests the risk that they’d be asked to play a song that was played by the hosts previously on air, and in that case I can see a reason as to why, but when they do non-request shows, maybe they could plan it so the same music don’t come back all the time.

The music that come back is always the latest hits… But they do play the songs so often I get bored of them, and hence less inclined to actually go buy it, which I assume is the reason they are played often…

One thought on “Commercial radio – Do they lack of music?”

  1. There used to be a radio station in the uk, that was pretty bad for playing the same song over and over again Anna. In fact there has been one song this last year which was played such a lot on the tv and radio that my hubby hates that song now. But it is a good song just it was so overplayed.

    So yes i think they do lack song choice ^_^

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