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Move is almost complete

Almost done with the move, starting tomorrow I’ll be sleeping in my apartment. Got some stuff left in the basement, but I think I have managed to pack down all stuff in the living areas (except such necessary items as toothbrush and other things like that).

The tedious work of unpacking in the apartment still awaits me though. I think I’ll enjoy that part a bit though, finding my order getting things in places where i want to have them. Probably gonna take me a good while though to be satisfied with how it turns out, but I got plenty time for that.

They have said that preliminary I’ll get my broadband connected Wednesday, final date may be a different one though. Hopefully they manage to get it hooked in early 😀


Been using it for a while now, I’m quiet liking it. Today I also found a desktop gadget for it, nice one although it can not post to google+ yet. From what I understand the gadget is designed for Windows 7, so might not work on Vista.

Had a little trouble getting it working, strangely enough a reboot solved the problem, it insisted that I had Internet Explorer in compatibility mode, which I had not, and refused to save the login data leaving the need to constantly login to see anything. Perhaps there was a lingering windows update that resolved with the reboot.

I also found what was listed as a desktop application, GClient, didn’t quiet like that one, guess it worked well, but only residing in the systray it didn’t really meet my needs, I wanted something that shows the google+ feed on my desktop without clicking an icon. This one did have the ability to post to google+ though, but never the less, I didn’t quiet like it so it was uninstalled.

Should you be interested in trying out google+, I do have a few invites to sent out, just leave a comment with a valid email to send the invite to if you are interested.